Te Puia

Te Puia is the New Zealand centre for Maori culture and geothermal wonders and is home to the world famous Pohutu Geyser set in the Whakarewarewa 60 ha geothermal valley.

Students will be able to explore the geothermal valley and famous Rotorua mud pools & geysers, see the rare New Zealand kiwi in the Kiwi House, and be enriched by the Maori Arts, Crafts, Culture & History; all included in the Te R? Day Pass. In addition the cultural experience offers students a memorable opportunity to be welcomed on to Te Aronui-?-rua Marae and enjoy the 45 minute cultural show. Dining experiences are the steam box lunch available through the Kai Ng?wh? and the Te P?i evening dining experience.

Guided talks with a student worksheet are available for the Level 1 AS91007 and L3 AS 91427 and also for the Tourism Standards. These Curriculum based student talks and worksheets available on request

NCEA Levels

A worksheet designed for completion by students on a visit to Rotorua:
• Skyline transports students to Mt Ngongotaha to cover field sketching,
• Rotorua Museum gives students geographic understanding of environments that have been changed by extreme natural events by focusing on the Mt Tarawera 1886 eruption.
• Te Wairoa, the Buried Village covers why the area was vulnerable to volcanic eruptions, the natural processes which caused the Tarawera eruption, effects of the eruption and how the people responded to the volcanic eruption,
• At Wai-o-Tapu thermal wonderland students make field notes on the effects of the volcanic eruptions on the natural environment.

Students will be able to complete the assessment task on the sustainable use of the Rotorua environment by tourism.

A worksheet which allows the student to collect information and then complete the assessment task to gain four credits during the visit.

A detailed assessment schedule is also provided for teachers.

Investigate what are the most important attractions and activities for tourists in Rotorua.

This assessment task allows students to collect information on the urban pattern of Tourism during a visit to tourist attractions and activities in Rotorua.

Demonstrate knowledge of work roles in Tourism. Talk and worksheet supplied by providers on request.

Demonstrate knowledge of the business of tourism. Talk and worksheet supplied by providers on request.

Attractions listed are able to offer a talk on the sustainability of tourism development focusing on their product and in relation to their operations. But also with views on the wider issue and the actions that are needed to keep tourism in Rotorua sustainable, we have from the website a worksheet for students to complete when an attraction is booked through us to help teachers with material and to give students something to work with. When you book through us we can offer the password protected link to gather this information.