The Rotorua Education Network (REN) is a first-of-its-kind tourism collective solely dedicated to the education industry.

The network was formed by 4 tourism partners in 1997 to provide quality out of classroom experiences for students nationwide.

The group has now grown to 17 preferred suppliers; including 15 Rotorua based tourism businesses encompassing cultural, geothermal, natural environment, and adventure elements. We now have 1 accommodation provider and 1 transport operator.

Preferred suppliers have a curriculum-based educational component to their product or, in case of support services such as accommodation or transportation, have an added value component to their core service which is specifically developed for education groups.

  • We organise quotes, create customized itineraries specific to your needs including activities, accommodation and transportation, arrange bookings & vouchers and process all the payments.
  • Arrange speakers with tourism marketing staff or appropriate people with a working knowledge of the industry.
  • We will provide resources for teachers and students.  Once you have book you will received a password for our Resources page for access to up-to-date NCEA Achievement Standard tasks and worksheets
  • We guarantee the most competitive rates with a 24-hour turnaround.
  • Save you the stress, time and money by booking through one source rather than dealing with multiple people.

We, as the Rotorua Education Network have developed educational programmes that are linked to curriculum and assessment areas.

Through the development of these programmes Rotorua is the destination of choice for the education sector.

Our aim is to add value to what is taught in the class by providing a practical and hands-on understanding.