Sample Itinerary for Year 13 Students

Overnight Visit to Rotorua (Sample)

Pavlovich Coachlines
Keswick Camp – All meals provided for the entire stay 


Velocity Valley Pick 4 Rides
Choose from a mix of the following rides;
Bungy jump solo or tandem from the purpose-built 43m high bungy tower. 
Agrojet – only commercial jet sprint in NZ
Power around the purpose built watercourse in a high speed Hamilton jet Boat. The G-force sensation is akin to a Formula One Racing car in full throttle.

V- Force (Reverse Bungy)
Leave your fears at the gate. Strap in for take-off before you launch 45 metres into the air travelling at speeds of up to 80km/phFeel the 4.6 G-force as the cage releases sending you sky-high then returning to earth in a downward spin suspended by the heavy-duty Bungy cords.Break out of your comfort zone and take on this wild reverse Bungy ride.
Feel your heart beat as the anticipation increases as your raised 40 meters into the air high above the Ngongotaha stream, and then pulling a ripcord that plunges you into an exhilarating swoop towards the ground at 130kmph

Shweeb – the world’s first and only human powered monorail race track
Shweeb is a world first and is a human powered monorail racetrack.  One of our four delegates will race against the clock and each other over a 600m track in order to get the quickest time.  This is a high impact challenge with anyone of all fitness levels being able to participate with ease.

Freefall Extreme – only body flying experience in NZ
This is the closest you will get to be a super hero – fly unattached on a giant wind column.  This activity is sure to have fellow delegates laughing till their sides hurt.  Ever wanted to fly, pretend to be a superhero.

Roll down the hill in a plastic ball with flipping and rolling around full of laughs and heaps of fun.


Mitai Māori Village – Hula and Haka performance (2.5 – 3 hours)The story of the migration of Tamatekapua of the Te Arawa canoe to Aotearoa and the Māori Pacifica connection told in dance form. Come and join us in this Māori and Island fusion extravaganza, including a feast for the ravenous.


Rotorua Museum
Lesson G3 – Tourism – A Cultural Process
‘From the Pink and White Terraces to today’s markets, what have the main stages of tourism development in Rotorua been? What factors have brought about changes in the history of Tourism in Rotorua, such as economic, social, political and environmental? A free ‘History of Tourism in Rotorua’ timeline is given to each student. Activities include:
  • Introduction and discussion
  • a slide presentation
Skyline Rotorua
Take a ride in the 8-seater Doppelmayr Gondola to the top of Mt Ngongotahā and see the magnificent view of Lake Rotorua and the city. Enjoy two Luge rides, a fun filled gravity ride on a 3-wheel cart, returning to the top via a double seater chairlift.