We are done it again!


The REN Teachers Famil 2011

The REN Teachers Famil gives the teachers the opportunity to experience the products, to be updated of any changes and of course to have a bit a fun. We, as the REN use this opportunity to get to know the teachers better as well as to show what our members have to offer.

This years famil was held on the 24th and 25th November 2011

Starting off the famil with a bang, the Duck picked us up for a night hosted by Te Puia . Everyone enjoyed the mixing and mingling with operators and colleagues from schools from all over the country.

Friday we started the day with an awesome breakfast at Skyline Rotorua and then we moved on to our ‘surprise’ event. Here everyone had the chance to get competitive and have fun.

Then off we went on the fun bus to Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland to experience Rotorua largest mud pools – nature at its best and we will have a fun quiz during morning tea which should provide you with a few giggles.

For lunch we will stop in at Tamaki Maori Village for them to announce there exciting new development and enjoy a BBQ lunch provided by Keswick Christian Camp. 

After our scrumptious lunch we head to the Rotorua Museum to experience the new wing and challenge our minds. For those who wanted a challenge and a chance to get wet the Kaitiaki White Water rafting crew picked up  them up to do the Grade 5 Kaituna River. The rest of us stayed at the museum before heading to the OGO to experience the rush of rolling down a 200 metres hill in a large plastic ball.

For the evening those how had not been to either Tamaki or Mitai Evening experiences had the option to attend either one for a fantastic cultural experience.

Famil Testimonials 

De La Salle College

“Just want to thank you for a fantastic PD session in Rotorua! A job well done and I thoroughly enjoyed what REN has to offer. I am certainly excited and cannot wait to bring my students down in 2010.”

Teena Tugaga

De La Salle College