We are doing it again!

The REN Teachers Famil 2010

The REN Teachers Famil gives the teachers the opportunity to experience the products, to be updated of any changes and of course to have a bit a fun.
We, as the REN use this opportunity to get to know the teachers better as well as to show what our members have to offer.

This years famil was held on the 25th and 26th November 2010

On the 25th we had a BBQ and drinks mix and mingle which allowed the teachers and operators to get to know each other and the products they endorse.

The next day was a action packed day where we were picked up by the DUCK to Skyline where we had a champagne breakfast and put the teachers to the test for their luging skills.

No injuries occured luging however a competion between teachers then started for the day so we proceeded to Rainbow Springs where we were treated to Kiwi Encouter experience and were shown the current upgrades of the waterfall before letting the teachers loose in the park to enjoy.

We then set off to Hamurana springs to where the teachers got taken on a natural spring tour before returning to the lakes edge for a private picnic BBQ lunch in the sun provided by Keswick Christain Camp.

Back on the bus we went to the Agrodome where we had afternoon tea with a hole in one competion where we appologise for the holes in the grass.

A fun day had by all and we look forward in planning the next teachers famil.