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Referral System

The Rotorua Education Network has put a referral system in place.
If you refer us to a different school/department/teacher and a booking results out of that referral the REN will credit one teacher’s costs for your next trip.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

REN Sponsorship

The Rotorua Education Network is offering sponsorship to 20 school-trip packages per year for NZ students who are unable to afford their Rotorua Fieldtrip.

To show our commitment to education the Rotorua Education Network is coming up with sponsorship that will allow students to attend fieldtrips to Rotorua, who have not been able to attend historically due to financial constraint in the family.

We believe that learning outside the classroom is an important facet of learning. Over the years of providing fieldtrips we see keen, excited and enthusiastic students returning to their classrooms after their Rotorua experience. With this sponsorship we feel that we can provide the opportunity for everybody to gain this experience.

Being responsible tourism operators we feel that we want to give something back to the community and therefore want to help the schools who have supported us over the years to bring all their students to experience Rotorua with REN.

This sponsorship will cover the student’s expenses as per itinerary booked by the school.

To apply for sponsorship please fill in the below application form.

    Application Form

    School Details

    Name of the School (required)

    Name of the teacher applying on behalf of student (required)

    Contact Teacher
    (if different from above)

    School Address

    Contact Phone Number

    Email Address

    Dates of School trip

    Duration of school trip

    Sign-off from Head of Department

    Student Details

    My name is:

    My age is:

    Why do you think we should sponsor your trip:

    My achievements at school are:

    My favourite class at school is:

    My current average mark for this subject is:

    My interests/hobbies are:

    I would like to be/do ……… when I leave school: