Rainbow Springs Nature Park

Rainbow Springs Nature Park is excited to be the latest Rotorua Tourism Operator to join the Rotorua Education Network. Set amongst the native trees and beautiful forests of Rotorua, Rainbow Springs now offers guided talks that are directed at Geography and Tourism students, the year level and the achievement standard the schools are studying. The students will also be provided with a worksheet to complete as they follow the guided tours.

For those groups who do not need an educational component, there’s always lots of exciting new things to see and do in the park! Activities include the daily Native Bird Show, a behind the scene tour of the most successful kiwi hatchery in the world, daily animal encounters, the new Playscape & Waterplay area and remember to jump aboard the Big Splash and get ready to be thrilled.

Talk to the REN team to include us in your itinerary.


NCEA Levels

Attractions listed are able to offer a talk on the sustainability of tourism development focusing on their product and in relation to their operations. But also with views on the wider issue and the actions that are needed to keep tourism in Rotorua sustainable, we have from the website a worksheet for students to complete when an attraction is booked through us to help teachers with material and to give students something to work with. When you book through us we can offer the password protected link to gather this information.

Students will be able to complete the assessment task on the sustainable use of the Rotorua environment by tourism.

A worksheet which allows the student to collect information and then complete the assessment task to gain four credits during the visit.

A detailed assessment schedule is also provided for teachers.

Investigate what are the most important attractions and activities for tourists in Rotorua.

This assessment task allows students to collect information on the urban pattern of Tourism during a visit to tourist attractions and activities in Rotorua.

Students will be able to collect information on how the cultural process of tourism development has shaped the Rotorua environment while on a visit to Rotorua. Teachers need to provide their own worksheets and activities for some providers. We supply you with a satellite image of the Rotorua Central Business District, a map of the Rotorua urban are to show tourist attractions & a map of the Rotorua CBD
REN Members who can provide talks to students on request are:
Rotorua Museum, Skyline Skyrides Rotorua, Kaitiaki Adventures, Te Puia, Agrodome, ZORB, Wai-O-Tapu & Katoa Lake Rotorua.

Demonstrate knowledge of work roles in Tourism. Talk and worksheet supplied by providers on request.

Demonstrate knowledge of the business of tourism. Talk and worksheet supplied by providers on request.

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